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Centre Expansion

Alberta Men's Centre Is Growing Stronger

“My life was chaotic. I was living in paranoia, sleeping with guns and knives,” says Matt, a Teen Challenge student whose addiction escalated from alcohol to crack cocaine and crystal meth.

Matt’s story is sadly all too common in Alberta and throughout Canada. Addiction ravages lives, rips apart families and tears at the very fabric of communities.

The mission of Teen Challenge Canada is to help men and women overcome substance addiction to lead full and productive lives.

Teen Challenge operates 12-month in residence alcohol and drug addiction rehabilitation programs with centres located in Alberta, Atlantic Canada, Saskatchewan and Ontario. We offer help and hope to those struggling with alcoholism and/or addiction to other drugs through a proven faith-based program. Addicts, alcoholics, their family and friends, begin their restoration at Teen Challenge.

Teen Challenge has been operating the Alberta Men’s Centre in Priddis (southwest of Calgary) for almost 30 years. This 12-bed centre continually operates at capacity and the need keeps growing.

To help ease the congestion, Teen Challenge since 2012, has been working with its neighbours and the Foothills MD, seeking regulatory approval for an expansion of the Alberta Men’s Centre from 12 to 24 beds.

When completed, the Centre will include comfortable residential living space for 24 students and 6 graduates, counseling and classroom spaces, recreational and gym space, a commercial kitchen with dining hall, and an inspiring chapel with a view of the beautiful Alberta landscape.

"I still have lots of growing to do, but the Teen Challenge program has given me a foundation," says Matt. He adds, "All my relationships are back and more."

Teen Challenge is expanding in Alberta so that we can help many more men like Matt find hope and freedom from addiction.

Plans For The New Alberta Men's Centre

Expanding From 12 to 24 Beds

New Alberta Men's Centre

New Alberta Men's Centre

  • Approximately 20-24 student bed centre is an ideal size – financially efficient, and providing a variety of relationships and options for programming group activity.
  • Teen Challenge Canada addresses the whole person, so we incorporate space for classrooms, recreation, exercise, and work.
  • Having decent quality rooms, bathrooms and food service capacity is a way we show respect to our students, and is important to helping them complete the program.
  • We build our residences, dining rooms, classrooms, and work and recreation facilities with a view to usability, comfort and durability.

New Alberta Men's Centre

Plans For The New Alberta Men's Centre

Construction & Budget

-- Revised December 2017

Stage 1 - Development Permit – Completed

  • Approved, December 2017

Stage 2 - Technical Drawings – Completed

  • Drawing package completed by AODBT Architects, January 2018

Stage 3 - Building Permit – MD of Foothills, Alberta

  • Submission for code review and building permit, January 2018

Stage 4 - Phase 1 – Build Foundation & Shell

  • Funds permitting, we are looking forward to starting the foundation and the shell, May 2018. Please keep this is your prayers as this is a timing issue, as to not start the foundation too late and have it exposed over winter 2018/2019. Funds needed for foundation and shell is 1.7 million.

Stage 5 - Phase 2 – Buildings Completion & Site Preparation

  • Start January 2019

Stage 6 - Phase 3 – Demolition & Final Landscaping

  • Start Summer of 2019 – Complete August 2019

For more information and to download a copy of the Teen Challenge Alberta Men’s Centre Expansion Brochure, click here