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Why Choose Us?

What Makes Teen Challenge Different?

The Teen Challenge year-long program is designed to stabilize an addict and then to identify and deal with the underlying issues that may have contributed to an addiction. You will also identify your triggers and develop skills to deal with them.

Teen Challenge Graduate hugging daughterWhile other short-term programs are a good first step toward recovery, we know that it can sometimes take many months for the impact of abusing substances to completely clear from a person’s body and mind. During this time, you will be physically, spiritually and mentally strengthened. Our year-long program will vastly improve a man’s chances of staying clean, and living in freedom.

Teen Challenge Counsellors or “Life Coaches” are trained to guide men toward a new life of hope and freedom. As a man is set free from his addictions, his relationships with his family changes. Fathers are returned to their children, sons to their parents, and husbands to their wives.

Our goal at Teen Challenge is to help you find a permanent solution to their addictions. The long-term commitment required in the Teen Challenge program will give you a better chance at long term success.